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While on the program, can I …?

Do my own thing? 

Everything in our meal plan is designed to work in sync, giving you the best! Best to stick to it as closely as possible. Let’s boot those poor foodie habits and comfort zones right out the door!

Full fat or low fat?

Full! Don’t be fooled...foods in their closest to original form are less processed and fat actually keep you feeling fuller for longer. Same goes for yoghurt and cheese - just watch your portion sizes!

Coffee and tea?

Let’s be real here guys, not even I can resist a morning coffee to get me going! Limit yourself to 2 cups a day, and there’s no worries. But what does 2 cups really mean?

  • 1 latte with whole milk or 2 black cups
  • 1 white tea with whole milk or 2 black teas
  • herbal tea: to your heart’s content!

Sweeteners? You’re sweet enough, so aim for zero! It’s way easier than you think. Try cutting your intake in half week by week, that way you’ll avoid headaches and fatigue from caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

Drink alcohol?

I’m not going to stop you from having that glass of bubbly at your bestie’s birthday (that would just be cruel!) but try to limit your alcohol intake to TWO standards a week on BODY BY FINCH The more alcohol, the more empty calories! So if you want optimum results, try cutting back and really make those drinks count.

Go out to eat?

Yes of course you can! Just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Go easy on the carby things like rice, bread, couscous or potatoes - very much in moderation!
  2. Stick to protein and vegetables or salad, and/or soups.
  3. Share a dessert!
  4. Limit alcohol - a couple of drinks is ok, any more and you’re just adding empty calories
  5. Remember tomorrow is another day and even if today’s food sitch was a little off beat, you can start again at breakfast. No guilt please!